Video: In Between Storms – Part 1

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In Between Storms, a new large oil painting by Andrea was inspired during the painting of the Six Stages of Faith. It was a transition period and it coincided with a real storm, almost hurricane, that was forming. The first rains and winds had passed and then the sun came out and we were waiting to see what would happen next. In this anticipation time, is when I got inspired and make my first sketch of it. More videos to come as it gets finished. Stay tuned!


Welcome to Andrea Beloff FINE ART

Andrea Beloff: Spiritual and Abstract Artist

Discover the evolving Art of Andrea Beloff.

Experience the depth of her soul, the art and the vignettes behind it all and the extent of creativity in full bloom.

Andrea is a dedicated life artist…Art is her sanctuary.  It is where she channel divine creation.

“This is how I share with the world my gifts, talents and purpose.  I love creating but more importantly I am fulfilled by using my art for a greater purpose and helping others also know their role in the big picture. Inspiration is flowing, the Painting Angels are as if alive and I am writing on the purpose and ministry of Angels, a book I look forward to complete, publish and share. Then last but not least, there is a glimpse of Heaven in the newest works. Very exciting times in my artistic development,” states Andrea.

Andrea is Oil Painting in a more abstract expressionistic style, expressed thru palette knife painting and also dabbles in acrylics.  Her themes focus on spiritual subjects, divine healing and purpose thru art. Her journey includes an entire Collection of Painting Angels. She has developed workshops for emotional and spiritual healing thru art for adults and children. She guides inspirational classes for those willing to try their hand at self expressing thru art. She shares her secrets and highly creative techniques. Andrea takes sky and seascapes to a new level.

Andrea wishes you a Happy New Year and also announces that she is moving back to Miami, with no set date. It could be as soon as end of March. She has painted profusely here in Naples and thanks this place for the peace it offered to transpose a rich downpour of  inspirations into paintings that will be forever treasured. ENJOY the opportunity to see her work on Saturday, January 19, 2019, 11-4pm during OPEN STUDIOS.
Next 1st Wednesday, ART ALIVE, 5-8pm is February 6th, 2019.
Anytime don’t hesitate to schedule a private showing to dive deeper into Andrea Beloff’s art and purchase a piece before she departs. For this please call her at (305)773-0358.


1st Wednesday of every Month, 5-8pm

Next one: February 6th, 2019.

Gallery and Art Studio at 5760 Shirley St. #20 in Naples, Florida 34109
OPEN STUDIOS is the 3rd Saturdays of every month from 11-4pm also starting on January 19, 2019.

Classes and Palette Knife Painting with Andrea Beloff

Palette Knife Abstract Painting techniques is how she taps into her inner self and finds her own unique rhythm while painting. In her classes, Andrea will guide you in this inner journey as well as offer you other options that may suit you more.

Stop by or call (305)773-0358 for a more comprehensive understanding of the classes Andrea teaches! They are innovative, highly creative and more spiritual in nature. No painting experience required.  Let’s have some real fun!


Some recent paintings from 2019, Messages From Above Series and The Journey Home Series.

FIREWORKS marks the start of 2019 and the launching of Andrea’s artwork boldly into the world.
 Eternal Sunshine

Below are the most recent of The Painting Angels

So much to see at the Gallery and Art Studio
The Victory Angels Here
The Soaring Angels in the Eternal Sunshine

 The Painting Angel Collection

I start my day praying and realigning myself spiritually and emotionally and I just feel like I have a crowd around me. I prepare to paint. When I am finished for the day, my painting palette begins to speak to me. I play around with the leftover paint and I started seeing angels. Then I started interpreting the relation. Either they mimic what I processed or they guided me to completion. I am writing about this. Stay tuned!