The Painting Angels

I am not alone when I paint! I am surrounded by Painting Angels! These are all the Painting Angels to date. I feel like I am constantly communicating, thinking, laughing and emoting with a lot of company.  I am now giving them the visual element that brings them to a greater awareness.  It's such a personal story but still it's fun to write about and share for those that seem to want to be touched by my path.  In the time that I was in Miami, I opened and closed a beautiful gallery and I got myself a budget conscious space to call my studio at the McCormick Place building downtown. It was tiny and I was struggling to feel inspired there. After struggling about how much I had reduced my working environment and as I figuring out my next move, one fine day I finally decided to put a lot of love into it, brought in some curtains and ribbon, decorations and snacks until I finally dropped the barrier that kept me from doing what I love so much, and I started to PAINT again! I wanted to paint Abstract Art. Loose and free and energetic. I particularly got this space so I can paint with oil on canvas since I really couldn't smell up my apartment.  What JOY!!! I can't even begin to describe the piece of Heaven on Earth that I came to experienced in that space.  I was more inspired than ever.

I began my days releasing all the junk, the negative thoughts, reading the Bible, assimilating the messages, the history, the experiences of our ancestors, praying and asking for guidance, clearing the space for creation and before you know it, I was painting, singing, dancing and laughing. When it got close to the time to pick up kids from school, I would look at my palette and I started seeing angels on it. I used the left over paint, add a dab here and there and give life to these adorably vivid creatures, my painting angels. They each seemed to have a mood or a theme that went along with the day and the energy of the painting.  I am now surrounded by many of them and I am so pleased to introduce them to you...they are PRECIOUS to me.

They are each originally (9" X 12") on Wax Palette sheets all done with palette knives. Some newer ones are of different shapes and sizes. These originals can be seen in my new Studio/Gallery in Naples, as i have relocated a year ago from key Biscayne. I make reproductions of them available to you in an affordable and highly contemporary way reproduced on metallic photo paper and mounted with a beautiful thick acrylic mount on top and when hanging they are recessed from the wall. It's truly a very new and modern way for the Angels to come into the Twentieth Century. They can also be printed to other larger sizes of preference. Send me an email if you have any questions to  I like the idea of them hanging in a set of six as together they form a Cross and that is the true purpose of the Angels to assist God in rounding up His children. It is a wonderful and artistic way to keep your spiritual life present. 

And now they are also available in cards, also printed on the lovely metallic photo paper, beautiful custom mountings, signed and titled in small 5 x 7 size cards for $5.00 each or larger 6.5 x 8.5 size cards for $8.00 each. Calendars are also available, wall mount or desktop. They don't disappoint!


The original twelve Angels are...

  • Painting Angel I, Angel of Love, Angel of Song, Angel of Barriers, Angel of Clarity, Guiding Angel, Angel of Union, Angel of Compassion, Angel in Prayer, Angel of Union, Angel in nature, Angel of Forward Movement, Angel of the Lord.
  • Those twelve Angels make up the Wall Mount Calendar at $24.00.  They are each initialed, titled and presented with a pertinent scripture. By the reading the Bible versus, you will begin to understand who the Angels are, what is their purpose and how we interrelate.
  • Other angels that followed are Angel of Higher Love, Warrior Angel, Angel In the Battle Zone, Angel Among Sharks, Angel in Action, Angel of Radical Change and after that many others.


I love you my darling painting angels!

I would not be here without you.

Thank you for sharing with me so that i can share with others.

Spread your wings and go where you are needed.