Spiritual Healing thru ART

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Welcome to an artful method of healing!

I still consider myself new in the community of Miami as of almost 2 years.  I have been an artist all my life, schooling and living in Santa Barbara,photo 1 California and after 28 years there, I am more at home here in two years. I grew up in Brasil, from Argentinian parents and born in America.  I have been a tropical landscape artist specializing in collage and making my own papers to work with, using the traditional Japanese Papermaking technique for 24 years.  Art is all I have ever done!  What a blessing! The changes started in 2007 and soon Art became also a healing tool for me. I got caught in a life crisis during the long lasting financial crisis and a 5 year Sabbatical led me through an introspective artistic period that coincided with the departure of the fruitful tropical niche artwork, which so defined me. I was exploring new media and came upon a heart that I pinched out from crinkling grocery paper bags. The lights went on!  I began using these hearts as an art form and eventually they became a tool for the healing journey.


Many paintings on hearts followed, each with a theme, a prayer or an intention, and this became the beginning of my new workshop,


The one on the picture above, A Heart in Christ,  was painted recently as I was looking for a Logo for this side of the workshop and because I really have found that my life goes better when I pray before anything I do.  I need Christ that much.

I began sharing it with kids, teens, men and women, and saw some amazing results.  People were being asked to get in touch with their hearts, something more sensitive, more intimate, a surprise for most, but a delightful one. Some people brought hard stories and I encouraged that because I have been thru a lot myself and developed a great sense of awareness and compassion. I have experimented with many healing practices and none came so close to healing me as did powerful prayer and surrendering to God’s will.  It became an tool to start a healing process, for students to think, write, talk and practice self expression, giving a voice to feelings that may have never been fully expressed and encouraging them to develop a greater personal relationship with God.  Transformation and healing is the goal. Acknowledging it is the first step.  It was for me, anyway. I realized I held a lot of things inside and came to experience the detrimental dis-ease of that behavior. I now want to help others identify a starting point, help them thru their difficulties, offer further healing by encouraging them to bring back their painted hearts, if I feel there is a need, and through however many sessions it takes, get that painted heart to reflect the healing instead of the initial pain.

“I want you to take home a Heart that you painted and hang it as a witness to the courage, power and beauty of getting on the road to healing.”


A Small Reflection of Abundance

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I have had a total and complete REBIRTH and by that I mean that I was plucked out of what to me had been the demise of my existence. I underwent huge changes in my life, my status, my geographic location, my philosophy of life and most significantly, my purpose and it all is reflected in the NEW ART I developed these last two and a half years.  Let alone that I went through an additional 5 year forced Sabbatical that I used to move out of the Tropical Landscape Paper Collage Niche, that so defined me, and I consequently explored various media combinations by which I got to the Love And Abundance Series.  It has been a journey of tremendous  growing pains to say the least.  I am grateful for all the changes! I love the new ME and I am thrilled to be here in my NOW, actually.leavesandBills


This Opening Reception of the Love and Abundance Series took place on May 18th, 2013, 6-10pm on Gallery Night at the Bird Road Art District, at what was my new Gallery/Studio space on 4678 SW 72nd Ave. Miami, FL 33155.

Andrea Beloff FINE ART


I wanted the whole world to see it…I don’t ask for much!!!! So I wrote,

“Please don’t miss it. I may not be all ready as I would like to be but you will be amazed no matter what.” I hadn’t quite finished The Joy of Love and Abundance but I’m proud to say, it’s now finished.



First, I found the LOVE or really, the LOVE found me, and then I had the bright idea to manifest something that resembled abundance. Hence the journey through the much treasured Foreign Currency of the world.  It is a world in itself and I am honoring it in my own artisctic way by plucking out the beauty and meaning and poetically transforming it into something beautiful.  I find great meaning in it also because in my trees or my world, the diverse countries coexist in harmony, like Heaven on Earth.


I just wanted to take a few minutes to explain how the Love found Me: God found me. God loves us so much first that He goes after his children. Acceptance by God is a gift and I received the gift. Yes, He loves us that much that when we get so lost, He comes around to find us.  And I revisited all I knew about God and learned that He came to earth as man, Jesus  and then I took some in depth Bible Study classes and I found the missing links to my existence and I was saved. I was saved from my own death and given forgiveness and eternal life through Jesus Christ. I knew i had been touched but as I learned more and more, I was deeply moved, deeply moved. Isaiah 53: 10 It was the Lord’s wish to crush him and cause him to suffer.  All of this was for our sins of the past, the present and the future. God’s plan was impeccable. And my faith was more and more firmly planted and continues to be as He shows me continuously how He never abandons me and how the more I are with Him, the more He is with me and there is such comfort in this.  I live to be comforted by this. It gives me strength and conviction and it makes me want to tell everyone how Great is our God and the important things to know.

Romans 6:23 For the wages of sin is death, but the gift of God is eternal life in Jesus Christ, our Lord.


Andrea Painted in BITTERSWEET GRATITUDE on October 20, 2012

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Bittersweet Gratitude Painted on October 20th, 2012 as a Celebration and a Demonstration.

On October 20th, I celebrated the long awaited dream of opening my own gallery after 14 years wanting it. After one year, I found it best to close it. It all has been difficult here in Miami since I moved here, yet, I am happy as can be. I called it Bitterweet Gratitude because I was so grateful to God for allowing this gallery to open during a year where my two children were not with me, much to my heart’s discontent, shock and I can’t even begin to tell you all the emotions that went along with that. I got thru 9 months and after the Opening of the Love and Abundance Exhibit, I went back to California to get my children. That’s a whole other story. Back to this heart I had intended on painting in Gratitude of this gallery…I was driving to work two days before the event and I was still not fully inspired about how my painting presentation was going to go. As I was driving, I prayed to God to help me get my ideas together and it dawned on me that as I thought about it, I also started crying because no one in my family would be there to support me. My children weren’t with me on such a big day, my brother had died 8 months before, my dad was in such depression, he couldn’t even travel and my mom had been dead several years back. I felt so all alone that I added the Bittersweet to really show how I felt, after all, this was what Painting Your Heart Out is all about. It’s about checking in and being true to your emotions and feelings and facing them and working through them. I painted to a great set of five songs picked by spirit for me because that same day that I was driving, the next three songs on the radio were played as if just for me. So I started of course with Pink Floyd “Wish You Were Here,” Another song was  “Lola” by The Kinks and “Mary Jane’s Last Dance” by Tom Petty. I can’t remember the other songs but I have the Cd and it was rad. I Painted, I cried, I prayed, I hid behind my hair hoping no one would see the mess I was inside, finally I busted out crying and explaining that I knew this would happen and that these Paint Your Heart Out workshops could be intense like this but then I got it together, I thanked everyone that had come to support me and during the painting part, we popped the Champagne, toasted and I put the cork into the art too! And now it sits here at home as a lovely memory of the Gallery I loved and once had.I now hold these workshops at my studio at 111 SW 3rd Street, Miami, FL 33130 by Appointment. For the harder stories that one might want to work thru, I offer Spiritual Healing thru Art. Check out that Blog.




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It’s my birthday today and yes, I just got a t-shirt from a girlfriend that shows that my heart is complicated at the moment!  What’s to hide? The sooner you meet with your emotions and give them the life they are asking for, the sooner you resolve it.  Our problems and our solutions to solving our problems can be blessings to others. This approach to doing it in an artistic way has some very unique features to it and can be so enjoyable at the same time.  This recent Heart that I painted and added paper college into was a journey with a blessing. I am honoring this moment in time instead of stuffing it and repressing it which could have very negative effects in our body.

Welcome….LOVE KNOTS!


LOVE KNOTS is on display now at Arthur Earl Winery in Los Olivos for the months of January and February. 2922 Grand Ave.

Workshops will be held Saturday, February 11th, 2:30 – 6pm and Sunday, February 12th, Noon to 4pm.

Come pour your heart out with Andrea and Brenda, honor where your heart is at with one of the workshops.  Heartache loves company and so do all kinds of other emotions you may wish to interpret artistically!


Also see Brenda Marquez’ Heart Art hanging at the Alexander & Wayne Winery! She can really pour it out! She will be there too!


Expression by Brenda Corazon Marquez

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A natural born artist with the capacity to pour her heart out through ART like nobody I have ever known as well as a dear friend of mine, former Apprentice of four years and painting hearts alondside me for the last two years. We have had so much letting it all hang out!
Do not miss one of the most powerful HEART ART Exhibits!
BRENDA CORAZON MARQUEZ showing alongside ANDREA BELOFF at the Alexander & Wayne Winery and Arthur Earl Winery in Los Olivos the months of January and February, 2012.  2922 Grand Ave.






Expressing and Healing through Art

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Clear Open Heart
Clear Open Heart

This is one of my most recent commissioned pieces of art using my new techniques of combining watercolor and my handmade paper as well as the pop out copperwired, paperwrapped elements as seen in the flower, leaves and wings.  The beauty of this peice was in it’s creation as the client went along with me using her throw pillows as inspiration for a three piece floral series for her living room.  She had no idea what I was going to do and even though we knew that that general design was going to be the middle piece, I was learning the self healing art of Reiki and that design just seemed to have similar elements of the Chakras of the body so I combined the two concepts adding the Chakra energy colors into the art.  It just had the most wonderful flow and creativity was at its peak!  This is what I mean about expressing and healing through art!!!  There’s an intention in the art…a healing intention!


The best part is that now this image is available as Box Sets of Blank Notecards, six (6) cards and six (6) envelopes for $15.00 through the website.



What is the LOVE and ABUNDANCE Series that I am starting?

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LoveNAbundance1_1_3As I have been developing my new leaf technique, I thought, “How cool to make leaves out of foreign currency and make International money trees!”  It wasn’t exactly manifesting until I took a good look at the concept of my idea and reflected on what my real intention was behind it.  I thought more and more about it and I have come to the conclusion that what I really wanted to do was open this project up to the world.  I wanted people to see it and be involved in it’s creation.  I want to transmit a message too, that abundance only comes when you put love into something without making the goal about money.  I have lived in a few countries, travelled the world and dealt in Foreign currency.  Many people actually save bills as momentos. The fun part of this project is when I display an on going project in public and trade art gifts for people’s foreign currency.  I get to interact with people, listen to some of the stories of their travels, share some of mine and trade a new bill that I have never seen before to enrich the creation. On this day I was demonstrating at Carina Cellars in Los Olivos. Please contact me if you can envision a live demonstration.


Trees Come Alive

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Ellaborating on the new theme “Alive in Paradise,” I have taken the design of trees to a new level, a level where the trees come to life. I have sculpted copper wire leaves, wrapped them in handmade paper and inserted them over some ground collage work and into the art for for stability. Then I texture them and blend them so the connection flows. Very exciting!





What new creations have come up since my new theme “Alive in Paradise?”

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Sculpted Handmade Paper Flowers


Collaging for 20 years still continues to be fun but making some of the elements come alive by sculpting them is even more fun and very exciting. Here I have formed copper wire modules, such as petals, in this case, wrapped them in  handmade paper and inserted them through the picture for added security.

These are then textured in my usual didactic way.  This manual labor is what I bring to you in this photo.



Next, I have added copper wire paper wrapped leaves and inserted them into the border and also textured them to blend with the art.  This feature protrudes from the art giving it that extra life. This art is not just a paper collage anymore. It is a handmade paper mixed media assemblage.





What does it mean to paint with intention?

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aaPainting with intention means to paint something one means to paint.

It may be a concept.  The intention to portray that concept will flow out and transmit energetically as one paints.  It transmits by the colors one chooses or by the way the strokes are laid.  The visual effect will be captured.

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