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It’s my birthday today and yes, I just got a t-shirt from a girlfriend that shows that my heart is complicated at the moment!  What’s to hide? The sooner you meet with your emotions and give them the life they are asking for, the sooner you resolve it.  Our problems and our solutions to solving our problems can be blessings to others. This approach to doing it in an artistic way has some very unique features to it and can be so enjoyable at the same time.  This recent Heart that I painted and added paper college into was a journey with a blessing. I am honoring this moment in time instead of stuffing it and repressing it which could have very negative effects in our body.

Welcome….LOVE KNOTS!


LOVE KNOTS is on display now at Arthur Earl Winery in Los Olivos for the months of January and February. 2922 Grand Ave.

Workshops will be held Saturday, February 11th, 2:30 – 6pm and Sunday, February 12th, Noon to 4pm.

Come pour your heart out with Andrea and Brenda, honor where your heart is at with one of the workshops.  Heartache loves company and so do all kinds of other emotions you may wish to interpret artistically!


Also see Brenda Marquez’ Heart Art hanging at the Alexander & Wayne Winery! She can really pour it out! She will be there too!