Original Paper Collage

My signature works from previous decades portray mostly tropical and coastal landscapes composed entirely of Handmade Papers I make myself from having learned the Traditional Japanese Papermaking Technique from Hiromi Katayama while at UCSB. The technique is called washi. Using my own creativity I have developed my own collaging approach using texture in a way which brings the art to life in a very unique and painterly way. Hours and hours daily of meticulously manual and detailed work has gone into the originals. I also played around with different ideas and have some wonderful originals to demonstrate this below. These pieces of original art are available and for pricing on them, please contact me

The Love and Abundance Series

Tropical Handmade Paper Collages

Hearts and Dimensional Art

I have had a desire to explore new media and continue to incorporate the handmade papers that I made throughout the years. The hearts are works on paper with a pinched out heart and stuffed with bubble wrap in the back so it bulges out with elegance. Some are acrylic and some are oil paintings. I have played around with Watercolor backgrounds, collaging handmade papers and adding beading, paper wrapped copper wire elements, and sea glass. The newest works all have a very dimensional and innovative aspect to them which is signature of Andrea's extreme creativity.