Painting Angels

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It's about time that I realize that I am not alone!  I spend so much time alone, and really, I never feel alone. I feel like I am constantly communicating, thinking, laughing and emoting with a lot of company.  I am now giving them the visual element that brings them to my utmost awareness.  It's such a personal story but still it's fun to write about and share for those that seem to want to be in my path.  In this time that I have been in Miami, I opened and closed a beautiful gallery and I got myself a budget conscious space to call my studio. It was so small that I found that I never would go there until I finally dropped the barrier that kept me from doing what I love so much, PAINT! I particularly got this studio so I can paint with oil on canvas since I really couldn't smell up my apartment and force my children to live with that toxic smell. Even I couldn't.  After many months, I rearranged it, made more space by the window, decorated it with my utensils for painting and started at it one fine day.  To add to my story, I finally started back again painting abstract oils on canvas. What JOY!!! I can't even begin to describe the piece of Heavan on Earth that I experience in that space. And after spending almost 5 days straight seeing art during the Art Basel week, I am more inspired than ever.

So, I start my day releasing all the junk, the negative thoughts, realigning myself, praying until  I clear all the space for creation.  Before you know it, I am painting and singing and dancing and laughing and when it's time to wrap up, I look at my palette and I started seeing angels on it. I use the left over paint, add a dab here and there and give life to these adorably vivid creatures, my painting angels. They each seem to have a mood or a theme that goes along with the day or the week. Now I am surrounded by 5 of them and they make me so happy! I'll introduce them to you...they are PRECIOUS to me.

They are each (9" X 12") on Wax Palette sheets all done with palette knives. Don't mind the arrangement. It's not happening but they are in order!!!


  • Painting Angel l
  • Indian Chief Angel ll
  • Angel of Barriers
  • The Singing Angel
  • The Angel of Love