Sharing at Christmas

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Sharing the good news

I prayed for joy during the Christmas holidays and God is answering my prayers…and it is with this great joy that I share with you through my art and with the story that goes with it, this good news. It’s a true and heartfelt story about Ultimate Peace and how this artwork came to find it’s final completion.


At the bottom of the artwork you will see two dates.  One is June ’84, during which period I painted the watercolor part of the Peace Sign while at UCSB and in my very first art class. It then sat in a portfolio case and later in an art drawer until May 2013, the second date. That’s, let me do the math, 29 YEARS!!!!! I loved the piece but somehow it never reached completion and being framed (and I was a framer!)


When I moved to Miami and opened that dream Gallery that I had wanted for 14 years, I spent a good part of that time putting together the art pieces that became known as The Love and Abundance Series. A lot of them are a reflection of my Christian testimony as I came to understand the real meaning behind Jesus and His purpose and it was the missing part from my spiritual practice…a huge part was missing indeed!


As we get in the Christmas spirit, I urge us all to Honor Our God above all and celebrate His presence on Earth as man, Jesus Christ, to redeem us from the fall.  I urge us to wrap ourselves in this amazing love God has for us, an undeserving love,  and learn thru His Word, in the Bible, of all He did for His people in preparation for His coming, His birth, His teachings, His kindness and compassion, His forgiveness and His death and resurrection in order to grant us the access to be with Him in eternal life.  When I learned of that, and I am still reading the Bible,  and when it touched my heart as deeply as it did, I came to see all that was missing in this piece of artwork from 1984. I had found real peace and I reworked the art and added all I had learned artistically and spiritually and called it Ultimate Peace because through Christ Jesus, I have found hope and salvation for eternal life. It also gave me more strength and motivation to live more purposefully in this world. Now, more than ever, the prophesies of the Bible in Apocalypse are being seen and felt and there is much tension on our planet, more than ever. The time is now to welcome Jesus into our hearts, renew ourselves from the inside, grow our faith, and get in God’s will and spread the good news among our friends and family. You may want to share this blog. I would be most grateful if you did. I have been changed, my work has changed and my purpose has changed and I care that you get on board. You may visit my website and see more of my Blogs and know that I will be more active blogging as I love to write and I have a lot to say always!!!


My work is also evolving in new directions…I started painting in an abstract expressionistic way and using brushes as well as palette knives. I am finding myself very inspired presently and also wanting to teach. I have lots to do still.


So…this is what I share with you on this Christmas season.


May Christ be with you and may peace be with you and your loved ones always.