Journey Home to Nirvana

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NIRVANA kicks off the destination of the evolution of a new Series of Oil Painting titled The Journey Home. With the destination in focus…the journey becomes clearer and more significant. Each one of us is unique and has a different journey and its landscape is unique. Its ground is golden and the light is bright. The valleys are jewel toned and sometimes you have company. It is definitely one of my most exciting projects and I am happy to share a little of what took place. I worked on a commission and during this process, so many new ideas developed. It started with some new Angels that were paired instead of flying solo as the others were. These had a mission and a path they were going on. I fell in love with that theme and then all these wonderful and unique paths developed and all in search of the brightest light. All I know is that I was onto something and that I felt extra driven and guided by some greater force. Since we are spirits in a physical body, our spirits will return to where they came from. We hope. I actually feel stronger about that and feel like I know where I will be going. The place feels like love, extremely high love. I feel that when I paint and I feel the creative process puts me there. I hope that in viewing some of these initial pieces, you will feel that love, feel driven and feel like enjoying the journey home. This life while difficult is also exciting and fascinating. The things we can’t see but can feel. The things we don’t know but sense that we trust even so. This is the magic I am trying to capture. I want you to see, I want you to feel and I want to see if you resonate so you can come along.