What is the LOVE and ABUNDANCE Series that I am starting?

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LoveNAbundance1_1_3As I have been developing my new leaf technique, I thought, “How cool to make leaves out of foreign currency and make International money trees!”  It wasn’t exactly manifesting until I took a good look at the concept of my idea and reflected on what my real intention was behind it.  I thought more and more about it and I have come to the conclusion that what I really wanted to do was open this project up to the world.  I wanted people to see it and be involved in it’s creation.  I want to transmit a message too, that abundance only comes when you put love into something without making the goal about money.  I have lived in a few countries, travelled the world and dealt in Foreign currency.  Many people actually save bills as momentos. The fun part of this project is when I display an on going project in public and trade art gifts for people’s foreign currency.  I get to interact with people, listen to some of the stories of their travels, share some of mine and trade a new bill that I have never seen before to enrich the creation. On this day I was demonstrating at Carina Cellars in Los Olivos. Please contact me if you can envision a live demonstration.