The Soaring Angels Ask Us to Love Harder

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"<yoastmark The Soaring Angels ask us to love harder
The Soaring Angel I The Soaring Angels ask us to love harder
"<yoastmark The Soaring Angels ask us to love harder
Soaring Angel II The Soaring Angels ask us to love harder


The Soaring Angels ask us to love harder, rise higher and get a bigger perspective. They have risen forth with a strength that almost takes one aback. It is no wonder that I witnessed the Soaring Angels, especially after a period where they performed harder life supporting duties of sustaining me during the loss of a loved one. Maybe they are my own Angels that morph as I do with the transformations and the journey of my particular life. Clearly they are beckoning us to love harder, renew our strength and follow this example.

I cannot be certain but I am sure of one thing…they do reflect what transpires in my life and they are here to guide me and you to a higher vibration, one with deeper love. Death and grieving hold one closer to the ground but life and love make us surge to greater heights. I feel that I channel a vibration through painting that I am suppose to then share. This brings me here to you, at this time, on this page, of this website. A divine encounter let’s call it. If you have also experienced loss, we are asked to persevere and continue on our path. The Angels are here to help. And I paint and write about them.


It is indeed the beginning of a New Year! We welcomed 2019.  Each new year brings a new form of energy, a life giving and a loving form of energy. By this newness, I mean change. Change always spurts on spiritual growth. Spiritual growth can be painful or joyful but it is in the reflection and in hind site where we can see the big picture. For this we need to step out of our comfort zone, love harder and rise above our fears and insecurities. Let’s take bolder steps. “Encourage” means to have more courage and it means to help each other along. It is not a lonely journey. We are to be on our journey, dependent on the divine loving spirit of God and surrounded by other humans beings.

This is what the Soaring Angels call us to be, at this new time and in this New Year…a gathering of loving humans, loving harder, soaring to new heights in dependence and gratitude, strong, brave, bold and beautiful. We got this! 


The Greatest Revelation of the Lord in the Painting of Andrea Beloff

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HERE –  the greatest revelation of the Lord to date is in this artwork called HERE. It is the final painting from the Journey Home series where the Lord revealed Himself in the greatest of ways, held me and comforted me during what I thought would be the most difficult experience of my life, losing my dad.


The Greatest Revelation in my Art

I have become an avid  palette knife painter. Oil paints are the most luscious and vibrant substances I have ever played with. This is where I experience the presence, guidance and messages from the Lord. It occurred during the hardest time of my life.

Consolation from God

My father and I were very close. With all its flaws, it was the greatest love i would know.  My love and admiration for him showed in many ways. This particular presence revealed in this sketch occurred just a few weeks before his passing on July 28, 2018. My last immediate relative was rapidly reaching the end of his life while in my care. The dilemma inside me was that I was so sure that I was curing my father from cancer’s silent crawl. The enemy took a turn and showed frightening and ravaging signs that terrified us. All I could do was endure and accept what was happening and the only place I could stand finding any consolation was in front of the large canvas where I was sure the Lord was showing Himself to me.

How I felt His presence

This is the sketch that later would become a large 48′ X 48″ oil painting on canvas where the true consolation would take place. The art held my attention, it embraced my spirit and heart, it directed my mind. It did everything so that I would not crumble. A true example of God, His mysterious ways of making Himself known and His unfailing love. The Lord often comes through when I am is painting but on this when He held me HERE. HERE HERE HERE and no where else.

“The painting takes people aback and with great reason. It was HERE where God revealed Himself the most to me in a way that is hard to describe. His presence was so strong, His grip was so tight and the comfort was so real. The decline of dad’s health was so painful to experience. My inability to part from my dad was crippling. The fight to keep him alive, to keep his spirits up and build his body back after he had let it decline so much was so tough. He was stubborn and had no self control. The disease took him to places that were very dark.”

The Greatest Gift and Lesson

Thank you God for the opportunity to love and care for my father during his last year of life and for being there (HERE) for me at the capacity that you were. Nothing and no one compares to the love you show me. Only you can heal. You are in command and that became most evident. My love and faith in you has grown stronger and stronger.

~Andrea Beloff~


Journey Home to Nirvana

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NIRVANA kicks off the destination of the evolution of a new Series of Oil Painting titled The Journey Home. With the destination in focus…the journey becomes clearer and more significant. Each one of us is unique and has a different journey and its landscape is unique. Its ground is golden and the light is bright. The valleys are jewel toned and sometimes you have company. It is definitely one of my most exciting projects and I am happy to share a little of what took place. I worked on a commission and during this process, so many new ideas developed. It started with some new Angels that were paired instead of flying solo as the others were. These had a mission and a path they were going on. I fell in love with that theme and then all these wonderful and unique paths developed and all in search of the brightest light. All I know is that I was onto something and that I felt extra driven and guided by some greater force. Since we are spirits in a physical body, our spirits will return to where they came from. We hope. I actually feel stronger about that and feel like I know where I will be going. The place feels like love, extremely high love. I feel that when I paint and I feel the creative process puts me there. I hope that in viewing some of these initial pieces, you will feel that love, feel driven and feel like enjoying the journey home. This life while difficult is also exciting and fascinating. The things we can’t see but can feel. The things we don’t know but sense that we trust even so. This is the magic I am trying to capture. I want you to see, I want you to feel and I want to see if you resonate so you can come along.


Video: In Between Storms – Part 1

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In Between Storms, a new large oil painting by Andrea was inspired during the painting of the Six Stages of Faith. It was a transition period and it coincided with a real storm, almost hurricane, that was forming. The first rains and winds had passed and then the sun came out and we were waiting to see what would happen next. In this anticipation time, is when I got inspired and make my first sketch of it. More videos to come as it gets finished. Stay tuned!


Guardian of the Sea…New Painting Angel.

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24-Guardianof the Sea

The Guardian of the Sea is the newest Painting Angel of Andrea Beloff’s repertoire on angels. This one emerges as we remind ourselves of the need to protect our oceans and everything that lives in it, remove all the waste, and educate others on the issues. Our planet needs our awareness and our help. This amazing creation is suffering and it is our fault and we must act now.  This Angel is available in metallic photo paper reproductions and mounted behind acrylic and sintra backing. This effect has a very beautiful, captivating and contemporary look. It is available thru the website in two sizes, 12 x 9 for $125 and, 22 x 16 for $400. Until they are posted, please email me, they are ready and available.


What is happening in the art life of Andrea Beloff…

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Angel in Action

Visit Andrea’s Gallery/Studio,

Andrea Beloff FINE ART

during Naples Art District’s


on Wednesday, July 6th, 4-8pm;

Inquire about her future workshops and her special Healing Through Art projects!

Feel free just to visit during the Summer by Appointment. Andrea is here painting, she is available to teach and her schedule is flexible.

Stay on the lookout for the next White Lotus Magazine as there is a nice bio and editorial of her Healing thru Art Program.

Also…Andrea is getting set up to be part of the group of artists and photographers at the ART Gallery Co-Op at the Vanderbilt Shoppes starting July 15th. Andrea will be painting LIVE on occasion there in the window!

And last but not least…Andrea is painting some lovely pieces on ceramics for the Empty Bowls Charity event in January.

Studio/Gallery/Community Art Space
5760 Shirley St. #20
Naples, FL 34109