The Soaring Angels Ask Us to Love Harder

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THE SOARING ANGELS AND LOVING HARDER SOARING TO NEW HEIGHTS WITH TRANSFORMING LOVE The Soaring Angels ask us to love harder, rise higher and get a bigger perspective. They have risen forth with a strength that almost takes one aback. It is no wonder that I witnessed the Soaring Angels, especially after a period where they performed harder life supporting duties of sustaining me during the loss of a loved one. Maybe they are my own Angels that morph as … Read More

The Greatest Revelation of the Lord in the Painting of Andrea Beloff

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  The Greatest Revelation in my Art I have become an avid  palette knife painter. Oil paints are the most luscious and vibrant substances I have ever played with. This is where I experience the presence, guidance and messages from the Lord. It occurred during the hardest time of my life. Consolation from God My father and I were very close. With all its flaws, it was the greatest love i would know.  My love and admiration for him showed … Read More

Journey Home to Nirvana

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NIRVANA kicks off the destination of the evolution of a new Series of Oil Painting titled The Journey Home. With the destination in focus…the journey becomes clearer and more significant. Each one of us is unique and has a different journey and its landscape is unique. Its ground is golden and the light is bright. The valleys are jewel toned and sometimes you have company. It is definitely one of my most exciting projects and I am happy to share … Read More

Video: In Between Storms – Part 1

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In Between Storms, a new large oil painting by Andrea was inspired during the painting of the Six Stages of Faith. It was a transition period and it coincided with a real storm, almost hurricane, that was forming. The first rains and winds had passed and then the sun came out and we were waiting to see what would happen next. In this anticipation time, is when I got inspired and make my first sketch of it. More videos to come … Read More

Guardian of the Sea…New Painting Angel.

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The Guardian of the Sea is the newest Painting Angel of Andrea Beloff’s repertoire on angels. This one emerges as we remind ourselves of the need to protect our oceans and everything that lives in it, remove all the waste, and educate others on the issues. Our planet needs our awareness and our help. This amazing creation is suffering and it is our fault and we must act now.  This Angel is available in metallic photo paper reproductions and mounted … Read More

The Painting Angel Series

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I am not alone when I paint! I am surrounded by Painting Angels! These are my Twelve Painting Angels. I feel like I am constantly communicating, thinking, laughing and emoting with a lot of company.  I am now giving them the visual element that brings them to my utmost awareness.  It’s such a personal story but still it’s fun to write about and share for those that seem to want to be in my path.  In this time that I have … Read More

Sharing at Christmas

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Sharing the good news I prayed for joy during the Christmas holidays and God is answering my prayers…and it is with this great joy that I share with you through my art and with the story that goes with it, this good news. It’s a true and heartfelt story about Ultimate Peace and how this artwork came to find it’s final completion.   At the bottom of the artwork you will see two dates.  One is June ’84, during which … Read More

Painting Angels

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It’s about time that I realize that I am not alone!  I spend so much time alone, and really, I never feel alone. I feel like I am constantly communicating, thinking, laughing and emoting with a lot of company.  I am now giving them the visual element that brings them to my utmost awareness.  It’s such a personal story but still it’s fun to write about and share for those that seem to want to be in my path.  In … Read More

Spiritual Healing thru ART

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Welcome to an artful method of healing! I still consider myself new in the community of Miami as of almost 2 years.  I have been an artist all my life, schooling and living in Santa Barbara, California and after 28 years there, I am more at home here in two years. I grew up in Brasil, from Argentinian parents and born in America.  I have been a tropical landscape artist specializing in collage and making my own papers to work … Read More

A Small Reflection of Abundance

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I have had a total and complete REBIRTH and by that I mean that I was plucked out of what to me had been the demise of my existence. I underwent huge changes in my life, my status, my geographic location, my philosophy of life and most significantly, my purpose and it all is reflected in the NEW ART I developed these last two and a half years.  Let alone that I went through an additional 5 year forced Sabbatical that … Read More

Andrea Painted in BITTERSWEET GRATITUDE on October 20, 2012

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On October 20th, I celebrated the long awaited dream of opening my own gallery after 14 years wanting it. After one year, I found it best to close it. It all has been difficult here in Miami since I moved here, yet, I am happy as can be. I called it Bitterweet Gratitude because I was so grateful to God for allowing this gallery to open during a year where my two children were not with me, much to my … Read More


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It’s my birthday today and yes, I just got a t-shirt from a girlfriend that shows that my heart is complicated at the moment!  What’s to hide? The sooner you meet with your emotions and give them the life they are asking for, the sooner you resolve it.  Our problems and our solutions to solving our problems can be blessings to others. This approach to doing it in an artistic way has some very unique features to it and can … Read More

Expression by Brenda Corazon Marquez

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A natural born artist with the capacity to pour her heart out through ART like nobody I have ever known as well as a dear friend of mine, former Apprentice of four years and painting hearts alondside me for the last two years. We have had so much letting it all hang out! Do not miss one of the most powerful HEART ART Exhibits! BRENDA CORAZON MARQUEZ showing alongside ANDREA BELOFF at the Alexander & Wayne Winery and Arthur Earl … Read More

Expressing and Healing through Art

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This is one of my most recent commissioned pieces of art using my new techniques of combining watercolor and my handmade paper as well as the pop out copperwired, paperwrapped elements as seen in the flower, leaves and wings.  The beauty of this peice was in it’s creation as the client went along with me using her throw pillows as inspiration for a three piece floral series for her living room.  She had no idea what I was going to … Read More

What is the LOVE and ABUNDANCE Series that I am starting?

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The LOVE and ABUNDANCE Series As I have been developing my new leaf technique, I thought, “How cool to make leaves out of foreign currency and make International money trees!”  It wasn’t exactly manifesting until I took a good look at the concept of my idea and reflected on what my real intention was behind it.  I thought more and more about it and I have come to the conclusion that what I really wanted to do was open this … Read More

Trees Come Alive

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Ellaborating on the new theme “Alive in Paradise,” I have taken the design of trees to a new level, a level where the trees come to life. I have sculpted copper wire leaves, wrapped them in handmade paper and inserted them over some ground collage work and into the art for for stability. Then I texture them and blend them so the connection flows. Very exciting!  

What new creations have come up since my new theme “Alive in Paradise?”

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Sculpted Handmade Paper Flowers   Collaging for 20 years still continues to be fun but making some of the elements come alive by sculpting them is even more fun and very exciting. Here I have formed copper wire modules, such as petals, in this case, wrapped them in  handmade paper and inserted them through the picture for added security. These are then textured in my usual didactic way.  This manual labor is what I bring to you in this photo. … Read More

What does it mean to paint with intention?

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Painting with intention means to paint something one means to paint. It may be a concept.  The intention to portray that concept will flow out and transmit energetically as one paints.  It transmits by the colors one chooses or by the way the strokes are laid.  The visual effect will be captured.

Love Gets Around – Andrea Beloff

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LOVE GETS AROUND This video, LOVE GETS AROUND, represents Andrea’s YouTube video, demonstrating what Painting Your Heart Out is all about…setting an intention from the heart and expressing it through painting. Feeling something is one thing but putting it into some sort of art format gives it a life or a release of a special nature, much like writing a song or poem. Andrea has designed other workshops around this project and are available in her Studio.